Welcome to the Contextomy Project

About Us

Ha! Like we’re making that public. You can still contact us if you’re nice.

Our Esthetic

Quality, context-less poetry that makes you go, “HaHaHaHa… what?”

It’s kind of a love or what-the-hell-is-this-meaningless-crap situation.


In the summer of 2012, The Contextomy Project just sort of happened like a car wreck where both people swear the other guy did it.

The first few were written by M. Ashley, God knows why. She was probably bored or blocked or something equally unsavory. After several months of pimping Contextomies across various social media and blogging platforms whereby she annoyed the hell out of her friends, she eventually got a few of them to jump in and write Contextomies of their own—some of them better than M. Ashley’s originals, which irks her to this day.

This is the hazard of hanging out with smartassed, inappropriately creative people. Be warned.

After an excellent run, the bad time. All of a sudden the Contextomies stopped. Darkness fell over the land. Crops withered. Dogs ran in circles biting their own tails. It also might have been simply a creative dry spell. Historians will never know for sure.

The sun finally dawned in mid-2017 when, God knows why, M. Ashley started writing Contextomies again. She floated the idea of starting a blog just for them and The Amazing Vertigo, S. Griffin, who has written several excellent Contextomies herself, immediately offered up her artistry to create the blog and give the project a platform on which to shine.

Ever since then, The Contextomy Project has soared in popularity—or at least we hope it will. As this history is being written only one day after the project’s renaissance, it’s hard to tell.

Fingers crossed.