Contextomy XVII

Do you like goats?
Then I see no need
for a prenup.


Contextomy XVI

I am too weak
for to open
my crack bag.


Contextomy XV

After this,
I could use a little
bloody Odysseus.


Contextomy XIV

Discussed my hair
with a stranger.
Money might
have changed hands.


Blog News: The Hiatus You Probably Didn’t Notice

We’re back from hiatus.
Did you miss us?
We missed you.

One of us had surgery,
but don’t worry,
our Contextomy finger still works.
Lucky for us all.

-The Staff

Contextomy XIII

Hot Dog!
I found ten flowers to throw
under the car that
tracks the lawn.

Swimming pool cover
me. Freedom. Attica.
Let’s watch a movie.


Happy 4th everybody! Kaboom–and I don’t mean the toilet cleaner.

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